Creating a floorplan has

never been easier

Need a floorplan? Floorplanner makes it super simple to create an accurate drawing in 2D. Your plan is automatically at the correct scale so you can simply drag doors, windows and even furniture into your plan to see what will fit and what will not. Click on 3D to see your plan from every angle and make great looking 2D and 3D images with just a few clicks to share your work with others.

Draw 2D floorplans within minutes

Floorplanner offers an easy to use drawing tool to make a quick but accurate floorplan. Draw walls or rooms and simply drag them to the correct size. Or put in the dimensions manually. Drag doors, windows and other elements into your plan. Floorplanner is automatically in the right scale and keeps your walls and rooms connected so you can experiment and mistakes are easily fixed.

A library with over 150,000+ items in 3D

Explore the possibilities of a space by decorating it with actual items. The Floorplanner library contains over 150,000 3D items all at the correct size that you can simply drag into your plan. There are items in many categories for both interior as well as exterior scenes. Our Magic Layout function helps you to test out various layouts and styles with just one click.

Switch to 3D with one click

Seeing your plans in 3D requires no extra work nor experience. Click on the button in the top right to see your plan in a 3D overview with the dollhouse view or even explore your plans from a first person perspective. You can move and rotate items in 3D and even save multiple camera positions that you can use to create higher quality images.

Great looking images with ease

Whether you need 2D or 3D images of your floorplan for marketing purposes, for hiring a builder or designer, or just to show your styling skills to others, making great looking images or even a 3D tour is fast and easy. Floorplanner creates a 2D or 3D image (jpeg, png, pdf) of your design in a matter of minutes and will send it to your mailbox.

Share your plans via the cloud

Of course you want to present your design or share it with others. You can easily email an image to someone or share the link to the project in Floorplanner. This way, someone else can also quickly take a look and even make adjustments. This is very useful if you are working on a project together.

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